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Sports Handicapping

The SpreadSmith strategy is to identify arbitrage within the sports gambling market by utilizing spread trends and statistical analyses to complement sports expertise.

Spreadsmith is a brand new antitek venture that was custom built from the ground up. Utilizing one of our partner's expertise in the financial industry, the concept for the website was to capitalize on inconsistincies within posted spreads and to capture advantages on line movements and live information - similar to day trading in the stock market. In order to accomodate results, antitek integrated advanced fusion charts to serve as the company's performance module and also established an complex php framework to power investor login features and user-friendly functionality. Most importantly, especially as a new startup in the industry, integrating superior search engine optimization techniques is key. In it's first year of business, SpreadSmith is steadily capturing the market share and is poised to gain an increasing level of exposure during the final marketing phase due to take place in the summer of 2012. To learn more about spreadsmith.com, please contact info@antitek.com.